Mediterranean, in panoramic

Between the ocher-red rocks of the Estérel and the deep blue sea, a strikingly white mid-century modern building vies for your attention as you weave along the coast. Nothing else but green and blue, unless you count the high tower on the mysterious Golden Island so tantalizingly close. On the horizon, lush pines, a salt-water pool, and the glorious Mediterranean, never out of sight from the rooms, restaurants, spa, roof-top swimming lane and Provencal scrub-land. Wherever your gaze drifts, the charm of the French Riviera – in widescreen.



With a view

Each with a private balcony or terrace, the rooms almost touch the sea. And so can you. Bringing the outdoors in, vintage objects, hand-picked books, curated artworks and local flora are tell-tale signs of your destination. Touches of color – Mediterranean blue, Estérel red, lemon yellow – complete the feeling of immersion.

The French Riviera to the full

Can we tempt you away from lolling by the sea, just for a moment? Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, Saint-Raphaël promises so many other ways to discover the coast. Perhaps biking along the rugged trails in the Estérel mountains or scuba-diving in the marine protected waters of Cap Dramont…  Exclusive opportunities to make indelible memories, à la carte.

The French Riviera to the full


Provence: a culinary melting pot

The region provides rich inspiration for the kitchens at Roches Rouges. Gourmet traditions and daily produce sourced locally from land and sea set the tone and are transformed into two contrasting styles in the chef's talented hands: La Plage for local seasonal dishes in a casual setting and La Terrasse for Michelin-starred fine dining.



Hello sunshine

The iconic Côte d’Azur is where people have always come for the sun. Be that practicing sport or other activities beneath the rays. Or in the shade of the Beaumier spa with its range of sun care treatments. Expect more activities to alter your perspective on the horizon soon...