Striking a balance

Like the chalets, the cuisine serves the surrounding area. With faithfulness. No excessive regionalism, nor false pretexts. With produce from the local area and ideas from further afield, an elegant interpretation of Savoy is created. Or even two...

La Table de L'Alpaga
La Table
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Courgette, wild thyme, peas, mint, beans, flowers and more grow in the garden, shoulder to shoulder with the kitchen. Plants and vegetables come first. Fish and meat follow. The usual order has changed. The representation of the region too. It is certainly precise, but also sensitive and inspired... A reinterpretation of Savoy.

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Le Bistrot de l'Alpaga
Le Bistrot de l'Alpaga

More than a bistro, a restaurant. It now features raw wood chairs, velvet benches and an immersive interior design. The menu follows suit. Potted lake fish, snails in cream of watercress, bilberry chutney on half-cooked foie gras and other delights of cuisine bourgeoise paint a picture of Savoy.

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Chef Anthony Bisquerra

I’m not here simply to serve up dishes; I’m here to tell a story and convey emotions. Now more than ever...

Filled with sensitivity and passion, Anthony Bisquerra’s approach has evolved along with himself. It has been shaped by his meetings. We look back with the chef of L’Alpaga at the experiences that have marked him and the lessons he has drawn from them.

Le Bar de l'Alpaga
Le Bar de l'Alpaga

A bar that embraces the terroir. From the mountain views to the deeply rooted menu. On the one hand, the herbs and flowers from the garden and local spirits. On the other, Savoyard snacks here and there. A beautiful mixture.

Le Bar de l'Alpaga welcomes you every day from 10 am to 10 pm.

Le Bar de l'Alpaga
La Croix du Planay

At the foot of the Mont-Joly mountain range, our farm is located just before the hamlet of Planay. We raise about 30 goats, mainly Chèvres de Savoie, and 9 dairy cows. In summer, the animals graze in the surrounding meadows and in winter we make hay. All the milk is processed on the farm into cheese and various dairy products.

Les Caves d’Affinage de Savoie

In the heart of the Savoie mountains, in Rognaix, tens of metres of underground galleries have been converted into cellars to ripen more than 80 varieties of Savoie cheese, including Bauges, Tarentaise and Val d’Arly. At a depth of 65 metres inside a cliff, Beaufort and Tommes cheese are refined at 13°C for days to months in ideal and natural maturing conditions. Here, in these galleries, at 95% humidity, the cheeses mature at their own pace, in harmony with the seasons. The cheese refiner, one of the last in the Beaufort AOP, works with some forty or so local producers to create these marvels for L’Alpaga, which reflect the spirit of the region and are made with the meticulous skill of local craftsmen.

La Coopérative du Val d'Arly

The Cooperative Fruitière in Val d'Arly Savoie Mont-Blanc brings together 80 directly managed producers. Since the 1960s, we have been structured to collect our own milk, to manufacture and sell our Savoy cheeses, made from raw milk, with PDO and PGI labels, and today, our cheese specialities as well.

Le Jardin d'Elie

Les jardins d'Elie is the story of Audrey, a gardening enthusiast, aware of the issues of the present world. After a few ups and downs, she settled on the Passy hillside in 2017. These gardens are cultivated on a small surface, without mechanization, with agro-ecological techniques, in the respect of the earth. Because you need a living earth to feed yourself healthily.

Du Léman à l'océan

It is on the shores of Lake Geneva, where the passion for fish and the fishermen's trade handed down from generation to generation within our family, that the company was born. "Our strength is our passion for our trade, our products and our family work! "(Pecquery-Mermillod family)

Maison Baud

Maison Baud, more than 80 years of passion and know-how... The selection of ingredients and raw materials, our experience and know-how in the art of processing, the complicity with time, all bathed in an exceptional terroir, these are some of the secrets of the elaboration of our artisanal charcuteries and cured meats...

GAEC Le Regain

Johann MATHIEU, 34 years old, is a farmer and miller who has been working on the family farm in Massongy for three generations, while Antoine BROSSIER, 21 years old, is an agricultural technician from Alsace and is currently working towards becoming a baker. Together, they run the GAEC "Le Regain" and are producers of large-scale organic crops in the process of diversifying, with processing on the farm.150 hectares of land, including 80 hectares of cereals.The cereals grown are medium-aged varieties: wheat, spelt, small spelt, khorasam wheat, maize, rye, buckwheat and lentils.

Atelier Trois Petits Tours

A wooden object is the meeting of nature's work that makes the tree grow, the craftsman's know-how that shapes it and the pleasure of the person who uses it. In my workshop, at the Château Partagé, I transform wood on my lathe and make mainly wooden tableware, but also decorative objects and games for children. All my creations are entirely handmade from mainly local wood. Each object is unique; an authentic handcrafted work of know-how, care and patience. (Baptou ANDRE - Artisan Woodturner)